Belfast Galleries Review: Super Vivere

Super Vivere - Exhibition Review by Belfast Galleries

The secret to a long life is to dance a lot and drink some vodka, according to the nonagenarians in Susie Rea's exhibition. ‘I would advise you to dance a lot. It’s really good for you!’ read the words of Pauline, from Northern Ireland. Pauline is 95 years old and one of the subjects in the photography exhibition Super Vivere by local artist, Susie Rea.....

I went to this exhibition expecting to be confronted with representations of decrepitude and decay. What I experienced was a celebration of life. I came away from the gallery determined to live mine for as long as I possibly can. I’ll take some tips from Janina and Pauline: I’ll drink vodka, sometimes. And dance. A lot.

View the full review on the Belfast Galleries website or follow the link to the Naughton Gallery and find out some more information about the show.

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