Super Vivere Opens in Wolverhampton

It was great to be in Wolverhampton last week to install Super Vivere at its second location. The gallery is a wonderful space and probably best described as a mini Tate Britain, housed as it is in a majestic old building with a very striking contemporary extension. The exhibition space lies between the Georgian and Victorian galleries in the original building. These spaces are full of portraits and artefacts by and of celebrated figures from the Midlands, so the faces of my older subjects, though a contrast, look strangely at ease in their new home. A big thank you to all the staff at Wolverhampton, in particular the lovely Helen Oliver whose help and guidance was invaluable and the fabulously innovative technical team, who got us out of a few installation pickles.

A visit to the gallery is well worth the trip generally. Their exhibition line up at the moment consists of a Willie Doherty retrospective (review from me to come), 'Troubled Land' by Paul Graham, and 'Olympic Posters: Pop and Publicity' which is a fabulously colourful display of posters from the ill fated 1972 olympics in Munich. So, I am in very good company. But if the art isn't enough to tempt you, the cake in the Gallery Cafe should, as it is unfeasibly good! I also had two delicious Bengali meals at Bilash Restaurant, which is situated a stone's throw from the gallery. If you want a proper curry, The Midlands is where it is at!

A few pictures of the show in situ, though unfinished, taken very quickly on my phone:


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