Super Vivere: Reflections on Long Life and Ageing Well

'Super Vivere: Reflections on Long Life and Ageing Well', by Dr Maeve Rea and Susie Rea is now available to purchase on Amazon!

Today, one in five people will live to be one hundred years old. The need to understand what this change means for the individual and for society as a whole has never been more pressing. Super Vivere is a creative fusion between the arts and the sciences by a mother and daughter - Dr Maeve Rea, physician and principal researcher, and Susie Rea, acclaimed photographer. Through interviews and portraits, the book documents the personal stories and survival secrets of siblings in their nineties from Italy, Finland, Northern Ireland and Poland. This book presents not only a compelling picture of old age in the twenty-first century, but also a tantalising glimpse of the past from a generation that has lived through two world wars and change beyond most of our imagining. Super Vivere is a fascinating exploration of age and ageing, and an inspirational guide to living.

'We need to change attitudes to ageing, which much too often are dominated by negative misconception and prejudice. What better way can there be to look afresh at what it means to live a long life to the full than the remarkable collection of images and vignettes of Super Vivere?' Professor Tom Kirkwood Director of the Institute of Ageing and Health, Newcastle University Award-winning author of Time of Our Lives: The Science of Human Ageing.

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